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We’ll email you a video from any playlist as often as you’d like.

Playlist url’s look like this:
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Some ideas on how to use SendBunny

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Daily Yoga Instruction

Create and maintain a daily yoga habit with 30 days of yoga.

SendBunny this yoga playlist
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Weekday Programming

Learn to program Monday through Friday.

SendBunny this programming playlist
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Celebrate TGIF

Get excited for the weekend with this TGIF music videos every Friday.

SendBunny this TGIF playlist

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use SendBunny?
Nothing! SendBunny is free to use.
How do I find youtube playlists?
Searching for [Replace with what kind of playlist you want] playlist on youtube will return matching playlists.
How do I create my own playlist?
Click here for instructions from Google.
What happens once every video in the playlist is sent to me?
We'll let you know once we've sent the last video with some suggestions for new playlists and you can always come back here to make more.
How many SendBunny playlists can I have sent to me concurrrently?
As many as you'd like! There's no limit for concurrent playlists.
How do I stop receiving playlist emails?
You can reply to any SendBunny with stop and we'll stop sending you emails for that SendBunny playlist.
Can I share my SendBunny playlist?
Yes! Once you enter the playlist link in the form above and select your settings it'll generate a unique link that can be shared. Anyone with the link will be able to open it in a browser and enter their email to get their own SendBunny playlist email.